peperoncini-ripieni-tonno-e-acciugheStuffed peppers are a real treat for the palate,  they are excellent as side dish or appetizer to accompany your meal. Typically the peppers are stuffed with ingredients such as; tuna, cheese, anchovies and olives, as they compliant the flavours of the peppers preciously. For those willing to court danger without risk, your taste buds will thank you, as you become overwhelmed with the sensational flavours of these little spicy delights . Besides being an exquisite idea for your kitchen, stuffed peppers may be a unique opportunity to eat healthy and protect our health.  They are a tasty food worth discovering.

The use of chili peppers in foods, dates back to ancient times. It has been present in the diet of people, who are very different and far apart in time and space. As early as 5500 BC with archaeological evidence, bears witness to chili pepper in Mexico. It was in fact a very common plant in that area, and was, for this reason, the only spice used by the population “indigenous” people of Peru and Mexico. It only came to Europe in 1493, thanks to Christopher Columbus returning from his second trip. It was imported by the Spanish and then quickly spread across the European continent, and later in Africa and Asia to become an instant success. A success that continues to reign on until today, thanks to the unique flavors and its beneficial characteristics.

Chili peppers – stuffed, or eaten fresh, dried, smoked, cooked or raw – can be a real ally for your health. Chili’s, in fact, have many healing properties essential for our body. They contain various substances, including flavonoids and capsaicinoids, giving a bactericidal effect, extending the storage time to cooked with chili. This explains in part why the frequent use of chili in hot climate areas. They are also rich in Vitamin C, having strong antioxidants and, in addition to making known the positive effects on blood circulation, have pain-relieving properties, aid digestion and are a good remedy for cold symptoms. The stuffed chili peppers are the quintessential idea to offer appetizing and tasty dishes to your guests, without having to give the necessary precautions to preserve our health. They can thus provide a real remedy for our well-being, as well as having an unique taste that can give spice to any dishes.


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Tuna Stuffed Chili Peppers