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RICE SCOTTI is the leader of a team of high-tech companies, some specialized in growing, research and experimentation, others in the manufacture, processing and marketing of rice.
Tradition, technology, investment, a lot of efforts and firmness are reflected in products designed for the consumer who knows how to choose: the target which constantly inspires our research.
Today the food is asked not only to be a source of nutrition, but also to improve durability and quality of life, and then to act as a central element in the prevention and maintenance of the best well-being.

Riso Scotti, in accordance with these changing nutritional needs, acts as company-partner to the consumer, proposing a new alimentation, good for enhancing the health-conscious principles, and functional benefits of rice, without renouncing to taste: a diet that comes from rice and meets the needs of those who want to eat for pleasure but also to stay healthy.


“Marudo Mill, in the heart of the Po 01Valley, near Sant’angelo Lodigiano: overthere Pietro Scotti was born, who in 1860 founded the Riso Scotti.
At the time it was a agricultural farm devoted to raw rice assortment with local farmers for whom Mr. Scotti worked the cereal markets to third parties. Farming in those years of the century was one of the main resources and economic activities of the population.

In 1890, his son Hercules Scotti moved to Villanterio on Mulina Canal, establishing the first seat of a total area of 1,200 square meters.
Angelo and Gaetano Scotti, two of the eight children of Mr. Hercules, followed his father’s footsteps, assisting and dealing with the transport of rice, and starting the development of the society, from individual to what is right now, under the name of “Fratelli Scotti” (Scotti Brothers), based in Villanterio.

As a result of changes in production, occurred with technological innovation, the company was able to progressively increase the processing and transformation of rice and, from artisan who was, soon became the industrial structure.

In 1953 Ferdinando Scotti, Angelo’s son, bought an old mill and a rice mill in the village of Tower in Pavia, started to dismantle, modernize and move the company headquarters from Villanterio in there.

02 (2)The Management

With the values ​​of the risk and initiative,the taste of innovation, the ethics of responsibility, the pleasure of discovery, the will to change the condition of things to state a new product or to exit from an old market, we create culture.

It’s the combination of know how and people who work for Riso Scotti, what characterize us and make us unique!
Dealing with rice, for Scotti, is a tradition that has been passed down for six generations. In more than a century and a half our company has grown and been transformed from simple rice mill to a technological food pole. Our pride and commitment to produce the best rice remain unchanged.

Thanks to all who have allowed and allow it all happen every day!

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