spaghetti al pomodoro con foglia di basilico

The basic recipe for tomato sauce pasta is very easy but it ‘s important to cook correctly to have a great result. Put in a pot 2 liters of water and warm up until it bubbles. Add a spoon of salt and taste it: it should taste like seawater Only after that, add the pasta and continue to cook without lowering the fire. After a few minutes mix the pasta to avoid sticking. There is indicated on the package of pasta cooking time: remember to taste the pasta before draining (times indicated are often indicative only). Season pasta with tomato sauce (that you had preparaed in advance according to thetomato sauce recipe): if you want to add a little butter. You can serve pasta with some grated parmesan cheese and a few leaves of fresh basil

 How to use

    • You can use this recipe for all kind of pasta, long and short: penne, fusilli, spaghetti, tagliatelle
    • Remember to check the different minutes of cooking

Tips and Tricks

    • Add pasta only in hot water
    • In Italy people eat the pasta “al dente” , that means not to cooked (the pasta mustn’t be springs when you bite it) and not to raw. Dieticians say that the pasta  “al dente” is easier to digest!

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