Althea and Our Philosophy

logoAt Althea we make sauces. We are not the only ones, but we make our sauces with love. Why is love what drives us? Because when the love is true, everything is possible. It is not only passion, not infatuation nor wishful thinking, it is love. I always love the ingredient that will feel immediately, whenever will taste one of our sauce. It is the love of those select raw materials, strictly Italian. It is the love of those who create our recipes. Iis the love of those who, like you, choose to try. Because to let go of real love, you have to know how to choose. Choose an Italian story since 1932, who creats almost one hundred million jars of sauces year, choose who cooks them in the two temples of Italian gastronomy: Parma and Napoli. Choose, in short, those who are faithful in taste and good sauce.

Our History


Althea was founded by a family inimg1932_2 Parma: the Bertozzi. The two founding brothers realized that “the mentality of the consumer, while still closely linked to traditional methods of cooking, made it was more practical oriented towards new systems.” The winning idea for the success of Althea was to imagine that the company must become “the cuisine of Italy.” Not only the producer of tomato paste, a market is already widely popular, but to make the products richer and ready to use. It is said that Carlo Bertozz , during a visit of a canning factory to be allocated to his company, picked a flower of the field: it was a “Althea officinalis.” A flower, a symbol of guarantee of genuineness and excellence: the two pillars of the philosophy of the new company.


Sugoro, was first prepared in the kitchen of Italian seasoning, becoming img1937_1the company’s flagship product.It appear in the pages of women’s magazines a with extraordinary frequency. Maria Felice, the figure of an expert housewife who offers recipes and cooking ideas to other women, received thousands of letters and distributes recipes and tips . The “House transparent,” symbolic transposition of the quality of the work commissioned by Bertozzi as a symbol of Althea. Althea became a household brand to all Italians, thanks to modern communication techniques adopted with extraordinary precocit.


Lack of raw material quality, fundamental requirements for the producti1940on of the famous sauces, pushes the brothers Bertozzi to close their establishments for the duration of the war, until 1947. After this period the company could again take it’s prominent position on the national market. In particular, Althea stands out for its attention to quality, winning in 1947 the “Diploma of Grand Prix” for the First Exhibition of Food Sugro promoted by Fiere di Parma.


During the 50s the Parm came alive, a light sauce with olive oil raw, concentrate Fiordagosto, available in cubes wrapped in transparent wrappers, and in 1953 the Cremifrutto, mattonellina jam in transparent wrapping, which proposes to sma1959ll consumers in each pack, a stamp collector.


1954 sees the introduction of Fru-gol, curious salami concentrated dessert, suitable snack for children, promoted with the usual baseball cards and packaged in an original way. A light finger snack with the protective casing one could bring to his mouth without touching it with your hands.


The launched the Althea stock cube, with 12% of meat extract capon, chicken and beef, followed in the best tradition of Emilia. Special efforts were launched, with advertising campaigns in print, radio and television. They targeted promotional initiatives, such as the creation of “Inspector Broth,” a character who visits the traders with thermos of hot product for tasting. In the late ‘ 50s Althea was dedicated to various advertising campaigns for the promotion of its products proving, once again, attention to communication. Very soon they created a Bureau Board for in house advertising.


In 1961 Althea began marketing the clove of Parma , Parmigiano – Reggiano rind packaged in a vacuum sealed bag, which was then copied by all. ” Excellent idea, Althea products” the fortunate slogan coined in 1961 and proposed both in TV than on print ads, which appear all the products of Parma.


In 1990 a group of entrepreneurs from PimgOggi_1arma notice Althea, with the aim of relaunching the historical brand, producing high quality specialty linked to the name and tradition of the Parma. Althea grows exponentially quickly characterized as a privileged partner of large retailers and other food companies for the development and production of products by more and more loved and known: the sauces. In 1997 Althea undergoes a final change at the top, with the acquisition by the family Ricciulli-Carotenuto, from generation entrepreneurs in the field of processing tomatoes. New Properties invests on technological modernization of the company and its organization, bringing faster Althea to be the most important and largest Italian company specializing in the production of ready-made sauces. In 2009 Althea consolidates its leadership to reach first place in Italy in the production of sauces and in third place in Europe, distributing in Italy and in the world over 100 million jars. Meanwhile Althea launched it’s first in Italy the concept of single-portions with the mark regions of Italy, which also gets a significant positive response with regional recipes in family size, sees the light also Sugro, the sauce par excellence. Following the significant and growing successful of the new products, Althea decides to launch even lines of sauces to stir-fry (without tomato) and sauces from organic farming.

Our Factories

HistoryIn 1957, on the occasion of our birthday, we wrote: For 25 years, Althea kitchen details makes every daywhat every woman would like to be able to do in the kitchen of her home. Prepared with care and skill a series of products that offer the highest standards of quality, hygiene, kindness, and give any dish a touch of savory fragrance. Even today we Althea believe and do the same thing. Of course, many things have changed for the better!

Our new factory in Parma, opened in 2004, occupies an area of 87,000 square meters, equivalent to 12 football fields, has been called Cucina (kitchen). The beautiful large kitchen, measures 23,000 square meters, the equivalent to 230 apartments! Production lines (our kitchen utensils, sometimes are 100 meters long) are the most modern and delicate. The raw materials of great quality are treated well and cooked in a simple, medium heat oven. Do not be surprised if you come to visit, to see carrots, onions and fresh basil arriving from the fields throughout the day.

Laltra is our large Cucina in  Naples. Laltra prepared only in the summer with fresh tomatoes and the famous Sugro. Sure, the technology is at the highest level and the tools of analysis of our department of Quality Control, working 24 hours a 24 they are among the most sophisticated but we organized and managed everything in the same way, with love!

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