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Founded in 1605, Giuseppe Giustiis the oldest producer in the world. 17 generations of epert balsamic vinegar producers have brought Giusti to be recognized as a point of reference for enthusiasts of balsamic vinegar of Modena.

The Origins

The first official document in which Giusti appears is a consensus from 1598, realized ordered by the newly arrived Duke Cesare d’Este. the objective of the document was to certify all active businesses in the region in order to collect taxation payments for the Dukedom of Modena.

Masters in the Heart of Moderna

The Giusti family was already well recognized by the local community at the time for their expert meat and other typical Modenese delicacies, not least Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

The Finest Delicatessen

The Giusti famiy’s delicatessen has become a point of reference for balsamic Vinegar for the Modenese families throughout the centuries. Traditionally, Modenese families produced their own Balsamic Vinegar and share small quantities with loved ones. In the shop window balsamic vinegar had a place beside all of the traditional delights of Modena. Not only a home-made product, but a product of excellence and a source of pride for Modena.

Acetaia in the Heart of the City

The family’s antique Acetaia was originally positu9ined in the attics of a unique and fascinating building, where at the street level the shop faced onto the street.

La Belle Epoque
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Through the centeries, the Giusti family has introduced the “Black Gold of Modena” throughout Europe. During the celebrations of the opening of the Effiel Tower, close by the Giusti family was actively offering tastings to thousands of people form all over the world. The Giusti vinegars were presented at the most important international expositions of the late 1800s Giusti Balsamic Vinegar therefore became one of the most popular Italian delicacies, searched for by the noble and wealthy from the old continent.

The 1900s

The delicatessen had proposed also throughout the difficult years of the nineteen hundreds. The Giusti family continues to produce high quality Balsamic Vinegar, ever specializing the Balsamic Vinegar production thanks to the success achieved.

The 1980s

Still more quality and selected barrels are bought to meet ever increasing demand for the Giusti quality recognized all over the world. Giuseppe Giusti becomes a fully fledged modern company. The growth of the company calls for an important decision, the family Acetaia is enlarged and moved from the historic center of Modena to an antique cottage in the Modenese countryside. All 600 barrels from the family’s centuries old barrel collection are gently transported from the center of Modena to the attics of the countryside cottage.


Create, together with out customers and employees, value over time, This is the spirit with which, for over four centuries, the Giusti family has managed and guided the company.


To give life to an extraordinary product. The greatest heirloom, bequeathed through the 17 generations of Giusti, is the passion and the ability to create a Balsamic Vinegar of Modena worthy of and according to the tradition.

The People

Taking care of people. Giusti has created a modern company model that instils confidence in each individual to achieve his or her professional contributes to the creation of a happy individual.

Environmental Sustainability

A great balsamic Vinegar is born thanks to the health and well being of the local territory. For this reason, Giusti is dedicated to constantly improving its attention to the environment, adopting the most modern best practices to reduce to a minimum the impact it creates on the environment and in the realization of a sustainable agriculture.

A Treasure

The oldest collection in the world of centuries- old casks, today the Acetaiais a priceless heritage of the greatest Modenese tradition.

A Family Passion

images (4)Only the constant family passion has conceded the passing down and maintenance of balsamic vinegar production across generations. Every family’s generation inherited the passion for the balsamic vinegar production by its ancestors. A “magical vault” in which the barrels, the precious treasures, host the balsamic vinegar through the aging and maturation process until it becomes the Black Gold of Modena. Claudio, Luciano, and Francesca are the 17th Giusti generation that works to the Gran Deposito grow, following the old family tradition.

The Giuseppe Giusti Recipe

It was Giuseppe Giusti in 1863, on the occasion of the Moderna Agricultural tradeshow, who wrote downfor the first time the golden rules to obtaining a “perfect Balsamic Vinegar: the selection to obtaining grapes, the quality of the barrels and time.” A testimony of historical value, one of the earliest existing documents that outlines the secrets of Balsamic Vinegar.

Mastery in Balsamic Vinegar Production

The instruments used by the Giusti family to produce the balsamic vinegar are the same of the past. The bottles finishing touch too, on some bottles, still handmade. The balsamic Vinegar production one is a specialized job. The acetiere experience and the study of the barrels add value to the Vinegar. The Giusti Balsamic Vinegar quality is due to a special work, that only a family tradition can give a product.

The New Century

A history dating back four centuries. Among the oldest companies in the world. A dynasty of expert balsamic vinegar producers to the 17th generation. All this history is today maintained in the Giusti family Museum.


A collection of almost seven hundred antique barrels, is the greatest treasure of the Giusti family. A priceless heritage, in memory of the most noble of Modense traditions.


There are many different types of events held in the area around the Acetaia. Dinners, tasting, concerts, and culture events. A unique context, thanks to the charm of the Acetaia, the history of the Giusti family and the beauty of the Modenese country side.


Giusti a company which aims to remain in the historic memory and be a location for Modenese Families. Each year the Acetaia welcomes over 10,000 visitors from around the world.

Nonno Giusti’s Laboratory

Nonno Giusti’s Laboratory is a special project created for the young students of the Modenese school, where the great art of and the secrets of Balsamic Vinegarproduction can be handed on, guided by the great producers from the Giusti family.

The History of the Barrel

Throughout the successive centuriesimages (3), generations of vinegar producers have cared for the barrels: scrupulously inspecting them, maintaining them, preserving the purity of the woods. During the many years in which Balsamic Vinegar ages in barrels, the typical flavoursand aromas are released and the magic balsamic is born. The there is the aging process, during which the characteristics of the product earn the optimum refinement. The three phrases occur in a series of barrels of different types of woods, and of decreasing and variable volumes. Each wood bestows a particular characteristic to the vinegar. Chestnut, rich in tannins is a wood of great elasticity, ideal for the creation of barrels. Over the years this wood becomes increasing dark, thus contributing to the typical strong brown colour of Balsamic Vinegar. The mulberry is a particularly porousn wood, In the past it was often in the country to breed silkworms. Today it is highly regarded for the production of balsamic vinegar because it promotes rapid evaporation, thus increasing the concentration of the liquid. Clear in colour, almost yellow, freshly prepared, with the passing of time, the wood acquires a typical dark reddish colour;
Juniper is a resinous and durable substance; a precious wood due to its ability to transfer aromas d essences of great power. The barrels made fromthis wood are increasing hard to find and represent objects particularly valuable for a balsamic vinegar barrel collection
• Cherry, of superb quality in the area of Modena, is widely used and its of a pinkish colour. Extremely refined, with an aftertaste reminiscent of fruit,especially cherry, is able to emphasize the more sweet aromas of balsamic vinegar.
• Oak is perhaps the most commonly used wood for the production of barrels. Oak is considered particularly valuable in the accommodation of the already mature vinegar, releasing to the liquid an improved roundness and a typical vanilla scent.

The Label, a Piece of Art

imagesThe Giusti bottle is not the sole precious heritage of the Giusti family. a museum is located at the heart of the Giusti brand, and this is the objective of the Giusti family, that in this space the unique artefacts, such as barrels, tools for production and various memorabilia, is exhibited. All in the custody of the Giusti family, including a 20 kilogram lithographic stone which was used to print the original logo. The collection included some documents of great historical value and a reproduction of an antique document that attests the presence of an ancestors Francesco Giusti among the LardaruolietSalciciari traders of the renaissance Moderna. The original diplomas and gold medals that have been awarded to Giusti through the four centuries of commercial activity are on display. At the heart of the museum stands the barrel that giuseppe Giusti transported from Modena to the Exposition Universelle in Parid in the late 1800’s, an event in which the Effiel tower was inaugurated.

Mastery in Balsamic Vinegar Production

The collection of barrels is organize, by tradition, in series of 5 or 7 barrels in decreasing volumes and dimensions, of various precious wood types in which the balsamic vinegar rests, absorbing along its travels the aroma and flavours these woods provide. Each wood observes a precious and particuimages (1) lar responsibility : the chestnut, rich in tannins, kends to the classic brown colour, the cherry sweetens the flavour, the mulberry promotes oxygenation, the juniper offers the resinous essence and the oak donates the typical vanilla perfume. Each year, according to the methods of decantering the liquid from the smallest barrel in the series with vinegar from the proceeding barrel and so on, until the largest barrel which is itself refilled with cooked must. A never ending journey. a continuous repetition of antique gestures, year after year. A ritual that gives life, through the centuries to increase extraordinary balsamic vinegar.

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