Mercellino Mutti fonde the Fratelli Mutti Company in Basilicanova,2 near Parma, in the foodvalley. At the beginning the tomato production was managed in a very artisanal way. Most of the activates have been carried out manually, but we already did it with passion and with a great attention to quality.


1More than 50 years after the foundation, the famous and unforgettable tube with thimble is launched. It was really a great revolution in the whole tomato paste market. Although some difficulties at the beginning, to explain this new way of using tomato paste, it started to be appreciated for the convenience of the tube above all for better storing the tomato paste than a can with a thimble, used in that time, by women for mending. This is why the Mutti tube started to be named as “the tube with thimble.” Mutti produced two different varieties of tomato concentrated paste, the double and the triple one, both so successful to let Mutti open new plants in the area of Parma.


The will of delivering a product with a fresh4er tomato taste, pushed Mutti to create anothe
r innovation; the finely chopped tomato pulp. It was really an innovation, also form the technological point of view, because on the market there were not any industrial  machineries yet for this producing the polpa. So Mutti built up the whole production line by its own, gaining a huge competitive advantage. And thanks to this innovation Mutti consolidate its leadership in the Tomato products market in Italy.


The quality of final products as well as production processes are the pillars of Mutti Philosophy . For this reason in 1999, Mutti has been the first italian company to obtain the Certification of integrated production: all the production steps form the field to the plant and then to the shelves are checked and verified accordingly to international guidelines.


On top to the ceritification OD the whole supply chain, Mutti added also the certification of the absence of GMO. It’s a relevant step for the Company, as results of analysis and checks on plants, tomatoes and final products

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Another great innovation in the world of Tomato by Mutti: The Tomato Vinegar. It’s a natural recipe, with the intense flavour of sundried tomatoos, a peculiar aromatic Taste. Quite different than the typical wine vinegar.


Mutti Today

Today Mutti is still a family company, driven by Francesco Mutti (this is the forth Mutti generation), who continues to strongly believe in the values that let this Brand become the most beloved tomato brand by Italians: the focus on quality, from selection of seeds and peasants, to harvest and production, the attention to each single step in the whole chain and the passion for tomato. These are the 3 main pillars as secret of our success.

The Origin of Tomatoes

In Parma, since 1899 tomato has meant Mnew_sfondo_tomato_our_passionutti. Here tomato is the result of deep interaction between man and the land.All our tomatoes grow up around our plant, within an area of 130km on average, in order to ensure that each single tomato could arrive fresh directly from the field to the production line without losing taste and texture. In facts, the whole production cycle is driven by a sort of “rule of freshness” which is fundamental for us. For example, the irrigation process is designed in order to reach the double objective to avoid wasting water and, at the same time, to improve the health of plants.

The natural features of the ground, as well as the favorable weather and the huge availability of water let the tomato production be reach and healthy. Then, experience and know-how in seeds selection give the possibility to improve the quality of tomato season by season.

The most cultivated tomato variety is the “round” one, because of the texture of its pulp. It’s a tomato to be picked up perfectly red and juicy and processed as fresh as possible. It has a peculiar flavor, a sweet and intense taste. The typical red colour of this kind of tomato is given by the high percentage of lycopene , an excellent and powerful antioxidant.

The Production

Quality Control
Before a tomato comes to the factory, a quality control is done by carefully analyzing a sample of about 20 kg of product from the delivery. The parameters examined to guarantee maximum quality are: sugar level, acidity, color, blemishes, tart or crushed fruit, the presence of dirt, stones or other foreign objects.

If the delivery is suitable, the tomatoes are unloaded in tanks where gentle jets of water wash them without crushing them. During transit, the unsuitable tomatoes are eliminated using optical sensors.

Filling the Tanks
The tomato is collected in storage tanks that continually feed the transformation lines. The tanks, in addition to washing the project, keep the fruit whole thanks to the water and prevent fermentation.

Arrival at the Plant

Finally, the tomato selected and washed arrives in the plant for further controls by the employees working the conveyor belts. The tomato is then sent to various production lines. They aren’t separated by use: the best tomato, with the same high quality, is used for diced tomatoes, puree, concentrate and other products.

Certfied Quality

Mutti has always worked to guarantee the quality of its tomatoes, pairing research and innovation for more than 100 years. In fact, in 1999, it was the first company to win the Integrated Production Certificate, issued by the Check Food auditing agency, which bore witness to Mutti and its tomato farms’ respect for some very strict quality control procedures. In addition to this certification, Mutti was certified GMO-free in 2001. This is another important goal that bears witness to the lack of contaminants on its plants. It was obtained by checked the plants and by analyzing the plants, fresh tomato and finished product. The quality and reliability of Mutti products are also guaranteed by its continued work to maintain high quality standards by selecting the best raw material – only Italian tomatoes are used – and by carefully monitoring its production process. In terms of innovation and quality research, it works in close partnership with farming associations and producers. This is shown through an exclusive initiative that Mutti started more than 10 years ago: it awards the Pomi d’Oro to the farmers who provide the best tomato harvest.


The Pomodorino D’oro Quality Award

Our effort and continuous demand for quality is rewarded with “Pomodorino D’oro” prize, given every year to our best tomato producers. Among more than 200 Mutti peasants, every single year, we reward the top 30, according the quality of tomatoes they deliver during the harvest. The “Pomodorino D’oro” Award takes into consideration quality in the whole cycle of tomato: from seeding to cultivation, from harvest to delivery. Each single phase is important for the overall quality. The winners are selected according very precise parameters, defined in advance every year together with the “producers association” and the same peasants. This prize is a way to promote quality as one of the main driver for consumer care. Quality is one of Mutti values, as well as transparency, integrity and respect for nature. In facts, “take care about consumer” means for Mutti ensuring the highest quality possible for tomato and a certified and careful check on final product.


The Richness of Tomato

The richness of the earth and the warmth of the sun have combined to provide us with a unique fruit. Tasty and inviting, the tomato is low in calories and rich in nutrients. It is made up primarily of lycopene. It is usually a bright red color and is known to be good for us. Its antioxidants keep on working even after its cooked. In fact, cooking makes them stronger. It is also available in large quantities in tomato concentrate. Lycopene is a substance that is better absorbed when it’s eaten with fats: pour a little oil in your sauce is like adding pleasure to pleasure and makes it sort of elixir for a long life. But the magic of tomatoes doesn’t stop there. This fruit is an excellent source of vitamins A and C and of mineral salts like potassium. Try it in all your sauces. With tomatoes, taste and health go hand in hand.

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