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Simply the best: the flavour of grain, the yellow colour of the sun and perfect resistance in cooking, made in more than 100 shapes designed to provide the maximum in taste for the most discerning consumers. Today, under the guidance of the Colussi family, Agnesi expresses the same values that have made them famous throughout the world.agnesi


Agnesi is a high quality pasta with a thin layer’s thickness, a typical characteristic from Liguria region in the North West of Italy. This feature is the ideal match with pesto, one of the most appreciated Italian pasta sauces worldwide. Agnesi guarantees a fair amount of proteins and a shorter cooking time compared to other types of pasta from southern Italy.

Slow Dryingamatriciana

The Unique Recipe is Agnesi’s legacy. Slow drying, following genuine traditions (15 hours of slow Drying for Agnesi Spaghetti) keeps the pasta’s nutritional value, the full, rich flavour of the grain and perfect resistance in cooking.

A Technology that Protects Tradition

Agnesi’s technicians control a long and exclusive process step by step, in which high technology and artisan skill blend in a unique alchemy. The result is a truly extraordinary pasta, for flavour, texture and safety.

The Philosophy of the Sailing Shipfilosofiavelieri

Man searches courageously, with love for his work, never tiring of the journey, and each day he writes a new chapter in his story.

This is the Agnesi spirit, embodied in the image of its celebrated sailing ship: never be content, try new things, experiment with creative solutions. A spirit guided by a constant search for the best, and a passion from the start: the best raw materials, the best production techniques, the best final product. The inspiration behind Paolo Battista Agnesi’s enterprise is still a vital force: Colussi and Agnesi journey together on the same quest; they share the same love of quality of life, the pleasure of food and togetherness.

A Love Affair with Pasta

The story began in Pontedassio in 1824, and recounts nearly 200 years of experience and a love for pasta.

The Quest for Excellence

Paolo Battista Agnesi, knowing the quality of grain was essential, built up a fleet of sailing ships that left Oneglia four times a year for the Ukraine, to buy the world’s finest Taganrog durum wheat.

Innovation at the Service of the Consumer

Agnesi marketed the first packaged pasta. Previously, pasta had been shipped in sacks and sold in bulk.

Advertising That Made Historysilenzio2_0

Agnesi contributed to the history of advertising: its famous posters by Peynet and Testa were ground-breaking innovations in Italian advertising.The ad “Silence. Agnesi speaks” became an unforgettable chapter in the brand’s advertising history. It’s still an Agnesi hallmark.

Back Home to Italy

After years as part of the French multi-national Danone, Agnesi is now a member of the Colussi Group, which includes some of the most important brands in the history and culinary culture of Italy (Colussi, Misura, Agnesi, Flora and Sapori Siena 1832), brands of excellence that represent Made in Italy all over the world.

The New Image3D-205-BOX-Penne_Rigate-19-500-01-1-nuda

Agnesi has a new image that will stand for the distinctive values the brand holds dear. The sailing vessel logo on the package evokes the spirit of the voyages in search of the world’s finest durum wheat, and is today’s symbol of quality, tradition, commitment and team spirit.

I believe in Agnesi pasta,” Feel the difference

Osvaldo Martini, known as Braccioforte (strong-arm), was born in 1945 in Oneglia (Imperia). A graduate of the Hoteliers Institute in Rome, he decided after early experience at the Capannina di Franceschi in Forte dei Marmi to explore new horizons. When he returned to his family’s establishment in 1972, he was ready to turn it into a high quality restaurant, thanks in part to the skill of his life companion and chef, Rosanna. The dishes offered at Ristorante Chez Braccioforte sum up his travels, his experience and the essence of the family restaurant, which has been serving cuisine in the finest Ligurian tradition since 1892. The cuisine is simple and genuine, with fresh local fish as the star ingredient, prepared with a thorough knowledge of raw materials and the other excellent products of the area. Braccioforte agrees that quality is in the details of every ingredient, and that’s why he chooses Agnesi and personally selects the fish he uses at the Imperia auction, only a short distance from his restaurant.

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