Parmareggio was born in 1983 in 1 (1)Montecavolo Quattro Castella, in the hills of Reggio Emilia, the area of ​​origin of Parmigiano Reggiano, becoming in a few years a world leader in the production and marketing of Parmigiano Reggiano.

In 2004 the Consortium of Modena Granterre, acquires the majority stake. The Granterre Consortium is a cooperative that combines 60 individual producers and 36 dairies representing about 1,000 farms.

This acquisition marks a change in the business strategies and the image of the brand, with the addition of the launch of the new range of products.In 2006, in fact, it started the project Parmareggio, with the specific intent to create a brand in the undifferentiated world of Parmigiano Reggiano.

It’s been created the actual brand Parmareggio, introducing the brand Mr Parmareggio, ideal owner company owner and guarantor of the quality of Parmigiano Reggiano Parmareggio.

The capacity for innovation was also a key factor that has allowed, through intensive research, to develop new products and above all new opportunities for consumption of
Parmigiano Reggiano.

Today Parmareggio, with two production Sede-MODENAMontecavolo and Modena, with its range of products in the whole of modern distribution, is a reference to the consumer market of Parmigiano Reggiano and the first company in the industry to release the values ​​of own brand through a TV campaign.

Since 2009 Parmareggio then incorporated the company Fiordalba Srl and butter factory in Modena, presenting itself as not only as a leader of Parmigiano Reggiano, one of the main companies in the production, packaging and marketing of butter.

 The Mission

Meet the consumer with high quality products and enhancing the innovative products. The Group Granterre-Parmareggio on this Mission is developing a strong will of purpose within, in order to create a unique and shared identity, which is built upon the foundation values ​​that distinguish it.

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction is a strategic objective of Parmareggio Spa, which is the core industrial and commercial Group. Parmareggio S.p.A. It stands as food industry brand capable of intercepting and stimulate the dynamic development of an application to search for products, higher quality services and new opportunities for consumption.

In a highly competitive Parmareggio, through its brand, it aims to guide consumers in the purchase process, offering the guarantee of a distinctive expression of the culture, the skills and reputation of a company specialist. Our policy of market approach is aimed at enhancing the now well-established relationship with the operators of large retailers, placing ourselves the goal of being a reliable, innovative and flexible able to interpret the needs of the modern distribution in a partnership.

Product qualityfiliera

For the Group-Granterre Parmareggio product quality it is the result of constant research and updating, able to integrate with the tradition. For excellence in quality does not mean the mere compliance of the product with the provisions of law on food but distinctive, hard to imitate, inherent to its system of supply chain and therefore a complex process that follows the product from its origin to the table consumer.


The Group Granterre-Parmareggio, presents to customers and consumers as a reliable partner and proactive, investing heavily in a continuous product innovation by seeking new ways of consumption.In close collaboration with a community of suppliers and highly skilled, are planned, designed, produced and tested innovative solutions in order to offer innovative products to consumers. In a market seemingly characterized by a very diversified offer, the Group Granterre-Parmareggio emerges for its commitment to research and development of new products and new packaging, which are increasingly functional and responsive to consumer needs. Deeply inherent in the corporate culture is the concept of technology in the service of quality and safety, without this going to harm the long-standing tradition in the industry in which it operates.

Product Warranty and Consumer Health

In order to offer a range of products guaranteed in terms of quality and safety, the Group-Granterre Parmareggio considers essential the voluntary certification of its manufacturing processes as its products. This testimony of transparency, honesty and quality of our offer, images (1)principles that are part of the culture of the Group companies Granterre-Parmareggio; considering the many great opportunities for growth against periodicals with professionals of certification bodies. It places great emphasis on the control of the production and the dense network of controls upstream and downstream of the same. The Group Granterre-Parmareggio is very sensitive to the need to support in a timely and ongoing human resources dedicated to the production processes in relation to the continuous updating of these issues.

The systematic and comprehensive review of all procedures and production steps are intended to offering products that provide security and value to the consumer. The Group Granterre-Parmareggio is the organizer of a network of controls whose severity parameter goes beyond that laid down by the laws, national and international.

The supervision of all world markets increases their knowledge of customs and consumer habits of the place; what needs to focus on new and challenging aspects of their methodologies.

The Group Granterre-Parmareggio is open to dialogue with the consumer, committing to respond in a thorough and timely. It ‘clear interest of the company to provide information to consumers in a clear and simple, through advertising, informative and above all through the labels of all its products.

Respect for People

In line with its very raison d’être of the cooperative form, the Granterre Group and its subsidiaries, as Parmareggio recognizes respect for the person as a fundamental principle, it understood as the protection of his physical and moral integrity. Agrees to prevent any form of discrimination based on sex, race, language, religion, political opinions, personal and social conditions, as set forth under art. 3 of the Constitution. Is committed to working with partners, of whatever nature, which share these values: also it agrees to terminate relationships with those employees who are proved not sensitive to these issues; finally it agrees to deprecate and to sanction any behavior of Group employees in contravention of these basic principles. The Consortium Granterre and its subsidiaries are companies made up of people, and on them base their strength and their market leadership.

Protection of Health and Safety in the Workplace

The Group Granterre-Parmareggio undertakes to spread and consolidate a culture of safety by developing risk awareness and promoting responsible behavior by all employees and associates; also works to protect, above all through prevention, health and safety of workers. In accordance with local regulations regarding health and safety, the Group has adopted an organization based on the following principles and rules of conduct.

Environmental Protection

The Group Granterre-Parmareggio is committed to deveimagesloping its commercial and industrial policy in a sustainable way and environmentally respectful of the territory and the community. Precise responsibility of those who work in the company is to preserve the land and the environment, to preserve them and pass them on to future generations, as a valuable asset to the community and to the corporate culture.

The Group Granterre-Parmareggio, is proposed as an actor and proactive forefront of the industry as regards new technologies to reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of its activities.

For several years, different companies are certified ISO 14001, a long period of careful monitoring of the level and composition of consumption, led to a significant decrease them, in terms of kWh, methane and water used.

The Group Granterre-Parmareggio is committed to compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes which relate to environmental aspects.


The Group Granterre-Parmareggio reached the leadership in the market of Parmigiano 186_1436350742Reggiano adopting towards its stakeholders correct behavior, consistent and marked by mutual satisfaction. To maintain and expand this leadership is necessary to strengthen and consolidate these values. The Group Granterre-Parmareggio undertakes to instill in its employees this pride and spirit to increase the image, in order to make strong contributions to the image itself of the Italian production of high quality in the world.

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