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In the beginning, Milanese bakers’ mastery was renown-they used to be called “prestinée” and “uffellèe” ; and Paolo Biffi was one of them. In 1852 he opened his “Offelleria Biffi” in Corso Magenta and shortly became so important not only for the Milanese people but also for those gourmets who travelled all over Italy.


Shortly after the Italibiffi milanoan Unification, rightly in 1866, Paolo Biffi was appointed Her Majesty’s
confectioner. In the following year, he inaugurated the first “Gran Caffè Biffi”, in center Milan. An elegant café and restaurant that very soon became one of the symbols of fin de siècle, and that made of Biffi brand a mark of food quality and refinement for Milanese people.In 1984 Formec bought the historical Biffi brand “in Milan dal 1852”, prestigious symbol of the Milanese gastronomic tradition : the Company became then “Formec Biffi”

The intuition of the founder, Pietro Casella, was to believe in the market evolution of new ambient and chilled products. In this period we launched a new premium line ; the concept of handmade care on which Biffi production is based, found its best expression into a wide range : for example, in 2010 we created the first chilled organic pesto, that was gluten-free and GMO-free. This start was then followed by a whole range of sauces. Nowadays vocation to innovation still inspires our Corporate activity, since Formec Biffi keeps on trying to anticipate the market needs.

Formec Biffi
A Combination of Tradition and Innovation

The continuous investment in R&D, on which we base strict controls and excellent production quality, has led Formec Biffi to reach the pleasure of healthy heating for consumers. This result was achieved thanks to the work of seven researchers focused on the accurate selection and chemical-bacteriological tests on raw materials, organoleptic evaluation of the formula, on continuous research of new recipes. Apart from this, they support our production that boasts over 470 recipes, 100 specialties and a total amount of 1600 items under Biffi, Gaia and private label brands (both national and international). Our care for handmade production, inheritance of a long tradition of excellence in the food sector, is always up to date with the latest analyses, production and control techniques.

CertificationsBiffi Milano headquarters
One More Guatenatee to the Consumer

High quality of Formec Biffi production is guaranteed by
the most important certifications of the food industry : firstly, ISO 9001:2008 (concerning quality management system) ; then, BRC and IFS, assuring quality, safety and legislative compliancy for the products of the international Great Distribution. Finally,BioAgriCert, the renown brand of the organic sector.

Pioneers in Organic Food

The organic production is our natural outcome since we built our success on continuous investment in research and development, while striving for quality.

Excellence of the Whole Supply Chain

Formec has always taken inspiration from excellence : that’s why we use raw materials that are of certified origin, OGM-free and from controlled supply chain, processed without preservatives or treatments that could alter their taste and color. This philosophy find its best outcomes in our organic production.

In Tune with Contemporary Taste

With its organic line, Biffi has done a further step to meet market needs, especially of those segments that consider ethical consumption as a must towards future generations. Biffi Organic range offers a rich selection combining gastronomic delight and healthy food.

Corte Biffi, A New Place For Taste

Only 30 minutes far from Milan, surrounded by a quiet park, Corte Biffi is a unique location where Italian gourmet tradition meets the need of different companies, being an exclusive location for conventions and important events.


Quality and hospitality are the values inherited by Corte Biffi from Formec Biffi, leading company in the food industry that for 50 years has been oriented to food quality and well-being.

Corte Biffi offers modern interiors of refined elegance, where nature and arts combine and every element is taken care of to the finest details.

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