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In 1800, the “Pastificio di Chiavenna” of Moro Pasificio was born as a mill in 1868 in the center of Chiavenna along the river Mera. The water of the river was exploited to produce the necessary energy to move both the millstones and the machines of the mill to produce the pasta.

The old mill, after its restoration, has become an interesting museum of industrial
archaeology, that can be visited all the days and run by the Consorzio Turistico Valchiavenna.
At the end of the ’60s, the Pastificio moved into the current seat at the entrance of Chiavenna.

Starting from the 60s, besides the traditional production of durum semolina wheat pasta, the Pastificio produces also some specialities from Valtellina (the Pizzoccheri), that in this way have come out from the strictly local place of Chiavenna and through the large-scale retail trade are today known and appreciated in all the Italian regions and abroad.

In that period, the Pastificio also obtained by the Ministry of Health the authorization to produce the dietetic pasta, that’s to say pasta with different requirements from the traditional pasta.

From then the activity of the company has specialized more and more in the production of gluten free pasta, baby food pasta and other dietetic pasta.



Today 50 people are employed at Moro Pastifico, and the Pastificio realizes a yearly turnover of 15,5 millions Euro and a production quantity of 8,5 millions of kg, with an export corresponding to 40% of the total turnover.

The Pastificio has decided to buy green energy, clean energy coming from the hydroelectric plant of Valtellina obtaining the certificate released by RECS. The Pastificio di Chiavenna is moreover in possess of the BRC certification. The Moro Pastificio is also certified by CCPB for the production of different types of biological pasta. In 2008 it joined SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) in order to point out to clients the measures adopted by the company, to guarantee that its work is done in ethical way. In 2011 Pastificio di Chiavenna obtained the SMETA certification.

Moro Pastifico’s Code of Conduct

Respect for human beings, compliance with existing legislation, honest and loyalworking and business relations: these are the key elements which, in addition to striving for quality and respecting traditions, underpin the activities performed by Pastificio di Chiavenna. To promote and share these values, the pasta maker firm has developed its own Code of Conduct.

This set of rules is aimed at creating a work environment founded on mutual respect and cooperation among the actors involved, be they the firm’s customers, suppliers or employees.

Pastificio di Chiavenna is a firm that supports the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative), and respects: unrestricted work, freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, safety in the workplace, work under adequate health and hygiene conditions, no child labour, wages and working hours conforming to law provisions, declared employment and regulations prohibiting inhuman and cruel treatment. In seeking continuous improvements and a constant commitment to fostering measures that can encourage a more “ethical” way of working, Pastificio di Chiavenna has been registered with SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) since 2008, bearing witness to the importance attached by the firm to these topics.

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