testatastoriaMake the traditional Italian products, characterised by innovative taste and excellent quality,available anywhere in the world. This is the mission of Ponti, a world leader in the production of vinegar, pickles, vegetable preserves in oil, condiments and ready-made sauces, since 1867.

The Ponti corporate culture is based on taste. Enhancing the taste, within Ponti, means being fully committed to quality, by combining natural ingredients with state-of-the-art production technology. This is the Italian tradition of taste, a living tradition in the Ponti DNA today, just like in the past.


Antonio and his son GUIDO started the production of pickles and vegetable preserves in oil in the factory in Milan. In 1941, during the war, the factory moved to Fara Novarese and thence to Sizzano in 1951.


 Cesare and Franco, current Managing Directors and CEOs, 1965started to work with their fatherGuido. With the arrival of the 4th generation, the business was further expanded and the main competitors were taken over. At the same time PONTI also decided to diversify the business and started to produce pickles and vegetable preserves in olive oil in 1939.


Pursuing the decentralization production policy, PONTI inaugurated its second vinegar production site in the Veneto region, near Dosson di Casier (Treviso), thus becoming the leading Italian company in this sector.


Carcioghiotto was launched: fresh, whole artichokes with some rosemary, garlic and hot pepper in sunflower and extra-virgin olive oil. in a few years it has become the top selling artichoke brand in Italy.


 Two very successful products were launched: the Apple Vinegar and the rice salad toppings.


An important five-year investment plan was devel2000oped and approved; it included the upgrade of the company IT structure and industrial plants and the construction of a modern finished product distribution warehouse in Ghemme. Giacomo, the representative of the Ponti family’s fifth generation, officially joined the company.


 Three renewed packaging lines for the vegetable preserves were started in the Ghemme factory. Production increased by 30% to meet the new market and production needs. The plants are the best that the Italian industry can offer in terms of technology, automation and innovation: anthropomorphic robot for pallet forming and dismantling, X rays to check the jar contents, unmanned shuttle-train to handle the finished products pallets are just a few examples.


 Ponti acquires Achillea, organic products producer established in 1980 and located at the foot of the Alps near Torino. The peculiarities of the Achillea products are: 100% organic, free of added additives, preserves or antioxidants, all ingredients are ICEA (Ethic and environmental certification institute) certified and come from organic farming or from fruits picked in the wild but still certified, top quality. Main products portfolio: apple vinegars, fruit juices, jams, fruits puree, etc.


Ponti Group has four state-of-the-art production sites in Italy. Technology and automation support the quality: anthropomorphic robot for pallet forming and dismantling, X rays to check the jar contents and unmanned shuttle-trains to handle the finished products pallets.

Research and Development
Research and Development for Ponti are the natural evolution, in a contemporary framework, of the passion for creating new flavours inspired by the tradition that has always characterised the company, since its establishment. The Ponti laboratories implement the most advanced technologies, from the product development phase to the final tests and checks. This technological leadership allows the Group to bottle up to 450,000 units per shift, with the same care and attention that you would pay at home.

Ponti Quality System, relying on food safety, traceability and production lot tracking, has been implemented in all the Group factories. It was validated by the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard and IFS (International Food Standard).

Ponti Balsamic Vinegars of ModenaABM1-500x500

Extraordinary in the kitchen and great on the table, the balsamic Vinegars of Modena Ponti are the result of a delighted blend between selected grape musts and precious wine vinegar, followed by a certified maturation period in different wooden core casks.

Ponti Gastronomic GlazeGlassa1-500x500

High quality ingredients, low acidity, high density, sweet & sour taste, cooked must aroma, dark brilliant brown colour: these are the characteristics of the Ponti Glaze, an international success that merge modernity and heritage.

Vinegars of ModenaAceti_Vino1-500x500

The Balsamic Vinegars of Modena Modenaceti e Rossini are the result of a delighted blend between selected grape musts and precious wine vinegar, followed by a certified maturation period in wooden core casks.

Wine Vinegars and Flavoured

Strict raw material selection, attentive low acetification process, focused maturation periods in larch & Slavonian oak casks, are the three imperative steps to obtain the special wine vinegars Ponti quality.

Apple VinegarsAceti_Mele1-500x500

The Ponti’s apple vinegars are obtained from high quality cider that is produced from apples matured in full sunlight. Thanks to an attentive acetification process, Ponti offer a gentle and roundy taste vinegar.

Peperlizia Premium Italian Antipasti

Thanks to the best fresh raw material selection and to exclusive recipes, Peperlizia suggests ready to use side dishes to enjoy heated as well.

Salad Topping

The summer is served, thanks to the Ponti’s rice & pasta salad topping: high quality selectedvegetables and exclusive recipes, ready to use.

Vegetables in OilSottaceti1-500x500

The Italian antipasti heritage is interpreted by Ponti using fresh raw materials and traditional recipes.

Zero Olives Lightness and 100% Taste

Ponti is glad to introduce a brand new and innovative antipasti line in jar, using a sauce that enhances the organoleptic characteristics without using oil or fats. Thanks to this new recipe, the vegetables maintain their original characteristics and the preserving liquid gives a correct and balanced nutritional intake; the absence of added fats leaves unchanged and improves the vegetables’ organoleptic characteristics.Ponti Zero Olio line is clearly different than other items available in the market; usually they are “light” or “natural” products where the reduced energetic intake is obtained at the expense of the taste. On the contrary, the sauce of Ponti Zero Olio line is a fine condiment and allows to maintain the aromatic components in contact with the vegetables, even after dripping.

Pasta SaucesSughi_Pronti1-500x500.jpg-500x500

Heated or simply added on warm pasta, they complete the meal with the Italian tradition tastesand fresh raw materials fragrances.

Single-portion Seasonings

The Ponti’s high quality is transferred in an innovative and easy single portion pack, to seasoning properly yours preferred dishes.

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