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In the Middle Ages laudemio was the flower of the harvest, the part destined for the lord’s table.

Laudemio began in the mid nineteen eighties, when a team of forward-thinking growers,000403.laudemio_box custodians of some of the noblest olive crus in the region, signed a pioneering pact for excellence in production, well ahead of national and European legislation. This pact, now as before, is based on strict rules and quality control.

History, tradition, genuineness, respect for the territory and the environment are the principles guiding the whole Laudemio production process, from the harmonious management of the olive orchards to the selective harvesting of the fruit at its perfect stage of ripening, from the crushing of the olives to the mixing and rigorously cold extraction, right up to the bottling and careful storage of the oil.

Special control bodies and two very strict tasting committees make the final selection: only the best extra virgin olive oil from the best producers, a perfectly genuine, complete oil, with an extraordinary organoleptic personality will be able to boast the noble and sought-after Laudemio trademark.

This is why every drop of Laudemio is the unique and inimitable expression of the fruit, the place, time and touch of the individual producer who gave it life.

The ideal companion of quality gastronomy, powerful, precious, excellent, naturally rich in intense polyphenols and fragrant aromatic substances, enclosed in a glass casket with an austere and elegant design which highlights its shining reflection, Laudemio is the true quintessence of the fragrances and flavours of the Tuscan hills.

Today the Laudemio trademark is the ambassador on the tables of connoisseurs all over the world of the great oil producing art of Tuscany and of its masterpieces.

Who’s Behind Laudemio

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For thousands of years, olive oil, cereals, legumes and vegetables, fresh fruit and wine have been the pillars on which the diet of peoples around the Mediterranean Sea have been based. Hundreds of medical and scientific studies in recent decades have analysed and praised the beneficial properties of this balanced nutritional model, known around the world as the Mediterranean diet.

Special attention has been given to extra virgin olive oil: a vegetable juice with unique chemical and nutritional properties, a food/medicament rich in a particular nutritional combination of fatty acids and a series of anti-oxidant micro-elements unobtainable elsewhere.

Laudemio extra virgin olive oil, the purest cold pressed oil from perfectly whole Tuscan olives picked at the right stage of ripeness, combines and exalts all the excellent virtues of the fruit of the olive tree.

The unparalleled balance between saturated, monounsaturated  and polyunsaturated fats that is characteristic of extra virgin olive oil, a balance significantly like that of human breast milk, makes Laudemio an ideal food right from the moment a child is weaned.

000545.foto2In adults, the balanced composition of oleic acid and vitamin F (fatty acids in the omega 3 and omega 6 series) in Laudemioperforms the valuable task of lowering bad cholesterol and maintaining the levels of good cholesterol, thus contributing to the protection of the arteries and the heart, and consequently lowering the risk of cardio-circulatory diseases. In addition to this there is its delicate emollient action on the tissues and its protective action on the gastro-intestinal mucosa and regulation of the digestion.

What truly makes an excellent extra virgin olive oil such asLaudemio so unique is its vast and complex range of micro-constituents and antioxidant molecules.

Bitter, tannic polyphenol compounds such as tyrosol, hydrotyrosol and  oleuropein, the tocopherols (or vitamin E), pigmented substances such as carotenoids, terpenes with their fruity fragrance, squalene: all of these elements have important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory functions in cell protection, for the  digestion  and in stimulating gastric and liver secretions.

These molecules also deeply affect the appearance, taste and nose of an olive oil, defining its character and personality.

Laudemio’s extraordinary visual, organoleptic and aromatic profile is thus not only a source of delight for the eyes and the palate but also and above all the best testimonial of its excellent nutritional value.

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