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The history of Sapori Antichi bMarcoegan in 1996, when Marco Zanier had a brilliant intuition:

launching his own company of high-quality pasta. He gained his own experience by working in the food industry for a couple of years. Despite the fact that the firm was recently established, it had obtained a great market share in the competitive high-quality past sector.

Since the very beginning, Marco Zanier traced his strong bond to his native land into his traditional pasta methods. Carnia is a small piece of land located in the northern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia where an entire universe of local traditions and culinary art had been preserved during the passage of time.

The first headquarters of Sapori Antichi was a little warehouse based in Amaro (UD). Only one productive line was placed in the building: it allowed making only one kind of laminated pasta known as “Pasta della Nonna”. Despite the moderate capacity in terms of productive volume, public appreciated the final item so much that employees had to work overtime.

Four years later, Sapori Antichi moved to Socchieve (UD) because buildings were too small to produce an adequate amount of pasta, to fully satisfy customers. The new seat was broad enough to hire a larger number of employees and to establish a new productive line. Once more, Zanier’s choice proved to be successful. The Carnic pasta factory began to be appreciated abroad: the three-coloured pasta became a must.

The flourish growth of the company pushed the production towards new kinds of pasta along with complementary products such as sauces and cornmeal mushes. At the same time, Sapori Antichi started a prestigious collaboration with the University of Udine (Università degli studi di Udine). Brand new researches focused on the selection of the first option ingredients guaranteed an increasing level of quality.Gruppo_Zanier

Due to its steady growth, in 2011 Sapori Antichi abandoned the “historical” headquarter of Socchieve (UD) to settle in Villa Santina (UD). Four production lines allowed making more than a hundred varieties of pasta. The company confirmed its credibility, especially in foreign market: Unites States, Canada, France and Switzerland. The warm approval of complementary products leaded to launch completely new articles such as infuses, pasta prepared and risottos.

Now a days, Italian market represents 30% of turnover. Clientele comes from the best stores of Northern Italy (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige) and from the most refined gastronomies of Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice. Foreign market constitutes the remaining 70%: products are sold to the most excellent Gastronomies and Delikatessen Corner of the main European and Americans cities. The most famous customers include Fauchon and Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Sainsbury in London.

Despite its short but successful history, Sapori Antichi is based on traditions and passion for natural and tasting flavours. This is the key to fully satisfy customers and to propose itspeculiarities in the best way.

The headquarter of SaporiAntichi is located in the industrial area of Villa Santina (UD). The ample and modern building permits to meet high-quality standards required by BRC and IFS certification. The daily production capacity is approximately 4600 kg.CapannoneThe manufactory plan is 2400 m2 wide and it is divided in six operative areas. Production process is divided into four specialized productive lines: piped pasta, multi-coloured pasta, pasta della Nonna and pasta a nido. Five static stainless-steel dryers will allow the operator to choose between different drying programs. Complementary products (sauces, prepared for pasta, infusions, cornmeal mushes and risottos) are made in another branch of the structure.

In addition to productive areas, Sapori Antichi has a broad field dedicate to labelling and packaging. Two production methods are used: manual and semiautomatic. Further more, the headquarter presents two storehouses (one for row materials, the other to store up finished products), offices and a wide display room. The company hires on twelve workers and it produces more than 250 items. A complete line of high-quality products meets the customers’ needs, with particular regard to Gastronomie and Delikatessen Corner easily available in specialized supermarkets.

A Journey Through Time and Taste

Back to time of our grannies, all traditional foods were prepared by hand or by handcrafted machines. In our firm Sapori Antichi, we combine natural and pure ingredients with passion and manual skills. Increasing quality is our diamond point: it surprises even the most inflexible experts! Clearly, our production is slower and focused on small-scale trade market. This is the least we could do to guarantee the best of goodness!

 Quality: From the Beginning to the End

Our tasting flavours arise from the very beginning of the production cycle. We use high-quality row materials, which strictly follow BRC and IFS requirements: the best and most well-known quality assurance certification in the world. Moeover, ingredients are manually selected before their entrance in the productive process. The “real” initial prepared is hand-made or it is mixed by bronze wire  drawing machines. This is the main step where a considerable effort is required together with some very artisan secrets… so to offer you a very special taste.

Our products are well-known in the foreign market. The main Gastronomie and Delikatessen Corner spread all over Europe, North America and Oceania distribute our traditional specialities characterized by different brands.The firm directly controls three high-quality brands: Sapori Antichi, Zanier and M.Z. Occasionally, our products show a clients’ label. This is the case of Coop Fine Food Switzerland, L’Arte della Pasta and Lago di Garda.

Although name and packing show a different logo, high-quality and good taste are intact.

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