About Us

Artigiana Genovese S.r.l. is a family owpesto- artigiananed company specialized in the production and marketing of Pesto Genovese and other typical sauces and spreads of Liguria region.

Artigiana Genovese production boasts a wide range of genuine and natural products, excellent as a simple seasonings as well as perfect ingredients to transform any dish into a very rich and tasty meal. The variety of flavours, from sweet to tangy, from aromatic to delicate, allows you to satisfy all tastes, keeping firm the principles of healthy Mediterranean diet and maintaing intact the unique flavour of homemade food of once.

We address utmost care and particular attention to the Organic Products, thanks to which we achieve excellent quality results. Since 2003 we have been certified by ICEA, IT F262.

We are an active member of the Consortium of Pesto Genovese. It’s a non-profit Organization of producers and consumers, which is striving to gain the European Community recognition for the protection of the old traditional Pesto recipe, with the aim of safeguarding and promoting the authentic Pesto Genovese.

In 2005 the European Community has granted the status of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) to the Genovese Basil, grown only in Liguria.artigiana

With the current structure and the production organization our company provides a high level of satisfaction of the costumers, represented by distributors, retails, supermarket chains, catering companies and by companies for which we produce in private label. We are convinced and aware that such satisfaction will be constantly guaranteed in the future by a prudent investment policy devoted to protect the quality of our products and our values.

We are certified by the Business Quality Control System based on ISO 9001:2008, and this reflects our commitment to food hygiene, traceability and quality.

We have preserved an homemade style production and consequently our Pesto is NOT PASTEURIZED, thus it’s keeping its brilliant green colour, the typical aroma of the Genovese Basil just picked up, the freshness of all the ingredients and the fragrance and intense scent of the Pesto freshly made in a mortar. This is the distinctive signature of our Pesto.

Our Products


Our Pesto is bright green colour, has the typicArtigiana-Genovese-Freschi-Convenzionali-Pesto-Genovese-90-Grammial aroma of freshly picked Genovese Basil P.D.O., the freshness taste of all ingredients and the fragrance of the Pesto just made in the mortar. as it is not pasteurized. We do not use any preservatives, we add cashew nuts a natural ingredient which reduces the humidity of basil and have a shelf life of 12 months. Ideal for pasta, lasagne, vegetable soup, to be spread on toasted bread.

Walnut Sauce

Besides Pesto, the walnut sauce is another typicalArtigiana-Genovese-Freschi-Convenzionali-Salsa-Di-Noci-90-Grammi-300x300Ligurian condiment, which encloses the best flavours and the oldest traditions. It has a grainy texture, an ivory colour and the sweet flavour typical of walnuts harmoniously mixed with Parmigiano Reggiano P.D.O. Marries exceptionally well with the typical fresh homemade Ligurian pasta, meatless ravioli and pansotti (half-moons green stuffed pasta). Great as an appetizer spread on bruschetta, canapes and it perfectly matches with white meat and raw vegetables.

Olive PateArtigiana-Genovese-Biologici-Conservati-Pate-di-olive-nere-130-grammi-300x300

A delicious Mediterranean specialty with an intense fruity taste
of black olives reduced to a paste and enriched with extra virgin olive oil. Good for garnishing toasted slices of bread and original sandwiches.Tasty with white meat and fish dishes. It adds a genuine Italian touch to the salad dressing and the pasta sauce.

Cream of Artichoke

A delicious cream with a delicate and tantalizing taste, Artigiana-Genovese-Biologici-Conservati-Crema-di-Carciofi-180-grammi-300x300made from artichokes and extra virgin olive oil. A recipe simple and genuine, ideal for creating delicious sandwiches and mouth-watering appetizers, to prepare canapés and toasts to be served with aperitifs.Thanks to its delicate taste is excellent for drizzling over boiled potatoes, eggs and white meat.

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