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Calugi Mushrooms and Truffles was created in 1987 in the heart of the Tuscan countryside where, in a completely natural environment, the King of the Table grows: the Truffle, which grandfather Antonio, as early as the mid-1800s, sought out with admirable passion.


Tradition and experience have been passed on by him to his grandchildren, and there has been a transformation over time into an organisation that provides a guarantee of authenticity and quality in the harvesting and manufacture of products based upon truffles, mushrooms and other produce from the region. All our creations are originated to keep faith with the philosophy that has always been the hallmark of Stefania Calugi: to create genuine products that maintain absolutely consistent flavours, to be rediscovered every day at your table.


Beginning in 2010, the company has undertaken a new journey of growth and development whose objective is to gain access to the principal overseas markets. Quality and flexibility are the main instruments to gain the total loyalty of our clients, in the present and in the future. With this spirit, the company has set in action a thorough organisational reassessment, which has determined the decision to renew entirely the image of the company with a restyling and re-branding, so as to be in a position to unite modernity with Tuscan traditions. Stefania Calugi has introduced, within its own characteristic product lines, raw materials of Italian provenance and, with our new tracking systems, we can offer our clients products of certified an guaranteed Tuscan origin.


The Truffle …What is it?

The truffle, a common name which indicates the frui25394_2_1097e7ting bodies of mushrooms which carry out their entire life cycle underground (Hypogeous) belonging to the Tuber genus. They must live in symbiosis with trees in order to produce their precious fruit. They are formed by an outer wall called “peridium” and an internal mass called “glebe,” inside of which live other large cells (asci) which contain the spores. The morphological characteristics of the peridium, glebe, asci and spores, added to the organoleptic characteristics allow for the identification of the species of the truffle.

Host plants

White truffle: Oak, turkey oak, durmast, black poplar, white poplar, linden, white willow, black hornbeam, hazel.

Black truffle: Oak, holm oak, turkey oak, linden, hazel, black hornbeam, cistus.


Determining the various species of truffles is essentially based on morphological characteristics such as shape, size, colour, peridium ornamentation, gleba appearance, fragrance and flavour. Currently, there are nearly 63 species of fungi classified as Tubers, in Italy there are 25, but only 9 are considered edible and our farm typically sells 6 of them:

White truffle – Tuber magnatum Pico – Harvest season from 10th September to 31st December

Black truffle – Tuber melanosporum Vitt. – Harvest season from 15th November to 15th March

Summer black truffle – Tuber aestivum Vitt – Harvest season from 1st June to 30th November

“Uncinato” truffle – Tuber uncinatum Chatin – Harvest season from 1st October to 31st December

“Bianchetto truffle – Tuber albidum Pico – Harvest season from 10th June to 30th April

Winter black truffle – Tuber brumale Vitt. – Harvest season from 1st January to 15th March

Conservation and Cleaningcondimento al gusto di tartufo bianco

Fresh truffles should always be kept in the refrigerator, wrapped in a paper towel and sealed in a glass container. Make sure to regularly control that the paper towel is dry; change it each day if necessary. The minimum conservation time of truffles depends greatly on the type: black and black “scorzone” truffles are more resistant, while the white and “whitish” truffles are more delicate and deteriorate more quickly. Our general advice is to consume them within 4/5 days. Before using them, they must be carefully cleaned under running cold water with a small brush. Truffles are not to be peeled, but used just as they are.


Our company has worked in the fresh foods sector since its beginning. The truffle is gathered by trustworthy truffle hunters and carefully selected before being placed in the distribution channels. The product is handled according to quality standards of excellence and based on any special requests by the client. Deliveries are made within 24/48 hours in Italy and world-wide.

The Way of…Magnificent Flavour

Throughout history known as the Pilgrims Way, the Via Francigena makes the Valdelsa a flourishing region of interchanges, commercial, cultural and…. gastronomic. The cuisine of our locality comprises a multiplicity of gastronomic cultures handed down and faithfully reproduced to this very day.

The Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome

The Via Francigena is a route of historical significance, repdownloadresenting a major journey for thousands of pilgrims on their path to Rome. History relates that it was Sigerico, Archbishop of Canterbury who, on his way to visit Pope John XV in Rome, marked the beginning of the route, widely known as the Via Francigena, thus determining the birth of one of the most important historical itineraries for pilgrims. The trajectory of the Via Francigena, which crosses the Valdelsa, is rich with forests that, in mediaeval times, apart from having provided timber to feed the furnaces of the glass industry in Gambassi and Montaione or the ceramic potteries of Montelupo, also nourished many ovens for the preparation of the characteristic unsalted Tuscan bread that accompanied, as it does to this day, Tuscan cuisine. The gentle hilly contours of the Valdelsa that surrounded travellers along the tracks of the Via Francigena delineated the pathways running the length of the valley where His Majesty ‘The White Truffle’ grew. He who, as Francesco Petrarch wrote in one of his most inspired masterpieces, “….adorned the banks and the hills with little flowers….”. To savour the Tuscan truffle is a feast, a pleasure first for the soul and then for the taste buds! via Francigena outlined the long pathways of the valley where His Majesty ‘The White Truffle’ grew, he who, as Francesco Petrarch wrote in one of his most inspired masterpieces, “….adorned the banks and the hills with little flowers….”. To savour the Tuscan truffle is a feast, a pleasure first for the soul and then for the taste buds!


Innovation, quality, and natural produce are the essential elements of all our recipes. Retail signifies bringing our personal passions to every table, whereby everyone can be his or her own chef, and can devise personal dishes with freedom and fantasy, revealing the wonderful taste of a trusted product!

The Pleasure of Good Things…Products with Tuscan Wine, Saffron and Other Specialities

The Valdelsa is surrounded timthumbby magnificent hills, by unique countryside, rich and beautiful in shape and form, but also in the exuberant cultivation of vines, olive groves, fruit orchards, and other varieties. The region of Tuscany is dedicated to wine, which is without doubt its most famous product. The traditional Etruscan methods of wine production are very clearly associated with a jubilant spirit and a joy for life that, over the centuries, constitute the Tuscan character. Our jelly products are made using only the wines of Tuscany. The range is completed by our totally natural extra fruit and vegetables jams. Pienza saffron is the highly aromatic spice that earned special fame because of decades of careful selection and crossfertilisation. Praised for its healing properties, the saffron has been cultivated in Tuscany in the middle ages, from where it has been exported principally to Germany. Nowadays, it possesses not only a mythical status in pharmacology, but saffron has also regained a truly honourable position in cuisine. Today we select only the best and purest of saffron, and use it in the preparation of delicious recipes.


Highest Quality of Tuscany, Products of Esteem, Selected with Care and Certified

The taste of fine food is as alwaysgelées synonymous with the word Tuscan, and is especially so in Valdelsa, where typical authentic flavours characterise a simple yet delicious cuisine that
always gives pleasure. Thanks to a mild and temperate climate, Tuscany, and in particolar the Valdelsa, boasts an ancient agricultural tradition and an abundance of typical gastronomic products, which can be tasted during the many events and festivals that enliven the region throughout the year. The other jewel of Tuscan cuisine is the Porcino mushroom. In our woods, thanks to the favourable weather and the fertile soil, you can find excellent examples, which are above all of outstanding quality. Just wander around the wooded areas, and you will encounter groups of mushroom-seekers who are gathering Porcini mushrooms and wild fruits with sticks and in wicker baskets. According to Tuscan tradition, mushrooms are best consumed fresh or otherwise conserved in oil, frozen, or dried. Our traditions, our culture, and our passion for the best taste encourage the creativity and the quality inherent in our recipes. Porcini mushrooms, artichokes, tomatoes, onions and vegetables of every kind can be trusted time and time again to retain their flavours, delicacies that allow you to rediscover the desire for the good, for the home-made!


Thanks to the kind collaboration of renowned chefs, we have created products that are ideal for the preparation of every kind of dish. Natural products are free of preservatives or artificial colours, prepared by skilled artisans, perfect for satisfying the requirements of the most demanding chef. Our gourmet preparations have been diligently researched to achieve the maximum return in terms of quality and quantity. They are easy to use, and give the greatest satisfaction. Our products are unique within their genres.

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