negroniBalsamic Vinegar of Modena is famous all over the world and ‘it is known for its ability to enhance flavors and taste variations.

You can’t believe but you can use Balsamic Vinegar also for a very special cocktail, like the bartender Luca Picchi, bartender in Rivoire café, bar founded in 1872 in Firenze. Luca  Picchi is the author of  a succesful book, all about “Negroni cocktail”  (edited by Giunti Editore).

Balsamic vinegar can offer to classic Negroni  a touch acid, aromatic and undoubtedly special grease.

The recipe offered by Balsamic Vinegar Consortium:

  • Campari Bitter 2 cl
  • Red Vermouth 2 cl
  • London Dry Gin 2 cl
  • Balsamico Vinegar from Modena IGP aged 1 tsp
  • Hot To do: stir and strain – build over ice


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